Our Family

Hello and welcome to Golden Paradise! We are the Best family located just SE of Orlando on 5 acres in beautiful Central Florida.  I am blessed to be home full-time allowing me the time to love and care for our goldens the way they require and deserve. Through many years of homeschooling, our entire family has been involved in one way or another and it has been a very rewarding experience. From our kids to now our grandkids, there is always someone around to help love on puppies! Our Goldens are a part of our everyday life and we cannot imagine owning any other breed!

I grew up in 4-H and have always been involved with raising animals. My first experience with Goldens was a Lab/Golden mix we adopted many years ago. When we lost her in 2002, we purchased our first purebred Golden and immediately fell in love with the breed. Over the years, we have grown and learned so much about Goldens, their history, bloodlines, health issues, specific needs, etc. This has allowed us to be responsible in our breeding practices. We want to provide families the best opportunity of having their Golden as a healthy family member for many years. We health test all of our adult dogs before breeding them. This ensures a better chance of having a healthy puppy. We also feed a holistically formulated food to make sure our Goldens have the best diet to allow for good health.

Our dogs have plenty of room to run and play on our property. They love to explore the front acre, swim in doggie pools and chase rabbits and lizards. When they find the mud it is always a treat and they make sure they are fully covered before the fun is over. Our motto is, “Our dogs may not always be the cleanest, but they sure are happy!”

We strive to produce healthy, beautiful, great tempered Goldens to complete each family we are connected with. Our joy comes from seeing the faces of those young and old coming to visit the puppies for the first time and then the unbridled excitement on pick up day. The question I am asked most is “How do you let the puppies go”? My answer is that although it is hard to let them out of my care, I always receive a great blessing when I see others dreams for a Golden come true. The joy is the same if it is the first puppy for a family or the fifth Golden in the new chapter of their family’s Golden book. This is my purpose in raising these beautiful dogs and I am truly thankful for the opportunity.

Please enjoy our website as you get to know our Golden Family. Thank you for visiting and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about us or our Goldens. We look forward to hearing from you!


Christine Best

Luke 10:27