Retired Dogs

Dogs that we have loved that are now retired.

Aggie and Molly have gone on to be with breeder friends of mine to bless other families with their wonderful babies.




Ruby is retired and continues to bring us joy and loves being Aunt Ruby to puppies that are raised in our home.

Reba loves life with her big brother and sister 🙂

Sweet Daisy is healthy and happy in her loving home!

Piper and Chloe are now retired and live with my sister and her 2 girls. Both are certified Therapy dogs.

Calle retired September 2015. Calle is happy being the queen of the house with her family 🙂


Cotton is retired from breeding and living the good life spoiled by her daddy 🙂 She has been a wonderful family member and mother to many wonderful pups. It is always sad to let them go and it leaves an empty space inside. We know that she deserves the individual attention and we love getting updates on how happy out retired mommies are!


Glory, daughter of Faith and Buddy retired, but not before blessing several people with beautiful babies!



Jessie is retired and moved to  Miami with her family and Golden big Brother


Faith…another sweet soul that passed it on to her offspring


Buddy was a happy boy that loved everyone he met. He sired many beautiful babies before retiring.


Kody is retired and was an amazing stud dog and produced many gorgeous babies. His son and grandson live with my friend and has carried on his legacy as a great sire to many wonderful dogs.


Sweet Daisy is daughter of Sara and mother of Abby. She was an amazing girl that we loved very much.


Misty Sierra of the Morning Valley-“Sierra” brought joy to many with her tender heart. She passed at almost 15 years old  


 Alexandra of the Morning Valley'”Lexi


 Goldengroves I’m a Big Girl Now- “Big Girl”

big girl1-11b-edited

Schroeder’s Lady Abigail Of St. Cloud “Abby” -mother of Calle and daughter of Daisy

Karl and Abby

 Sara was our inspiration and such a sweet girl! Mother to Daisy, grandmother to Abby and Great Grandmother to Calle