Our Commitment

Our puppies are whelped in our home with the family. We are with our moms around the clock giving them comfort, support and great care. We are a part of the entire delivery process and stay close with our newborns and mom. The puppies are weighed 2 times a day to make sure each puppy is healthy and gaining properly. If a puppy needs extra mommy time, we make sure he gets just that. Occasionally with a large litter we will supplement the puppies with a bottle of  homemade formula. The first couple of weeks they eat, sleep and grow as mommy stays close and cares for them. During this time we gently snuggle and handle the puppies each day.

At two weeks of age the eyes and ears are open and we begin to expose them to more interaction with us and begin to talk to them with gentle loving voices. They get their first deworming and begin to have nails clipped weekly.

We begin paper training at 3 weeks and they are handled numerous times a day. At this time they are introduced to soft toys and begin to learn to explore around within the safety of their whelping box.

The 4th and 5 weeks are time to begin eating softened food and spend more time playing with siblings and people and less time with mommy. We are outside of the whelping box now and have a play room with a potty box to continue paper training. New toys with sounds and textures and tubes to crawl through are introduced. This is the time when the grandkids and family members help us begin the socialization process.

When they are 6 weeks old we begin to expose them to the outdoors, other animals, new textures and noises. They are exposed to household noises like the vacuum, pots and pans, TV etc. We also play sounds of storms and machinery when not available naturally. Music is played throughout the day and the lights are kept on to allow them to get used to noise and still rest. At bedtime, we shut the music off, turn lights out and say goodnight 🙂  This makes your job easier at home!

At 7 weeks we begin to train them to use a doggie door out to the patio. They begin to go outside to use the potty and have a very good routine. If weather permits they will get to swim in doggie pools too! Our puppies are well socialized and love people. We do the best possible to make your training experience a success.

Our goal is to provide healthy, good natured, well balanced puppies that fit well with each unique family. It is important to us to be responsible with these members of our family, as they trust us for their future!  Please do not be offended by our questions or our application. We are committed to working with you to choose the puppy that is best suited for your household. This means success for all parties involved.

We guarantee our puppies for the first year to be free of life threatening or debilitating genetic problems. We stand behind our commitment and include this in our puppy agreement. All of our dogs have been health checked and have OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Hip, Elbow, Heart and Eye clearances or equivalent FCI clearances from Europe if they are imported . They all come from a  healthy, proven pedigree as well. We commit to be available throughout  the puppy’s life to assist with questions and advice. We will either adopt the puppy back or assist you in placing your puppy in a new home should you find yourself unable to keep him/her.

Our puppies  are sold only to those with an approved application. Our puppies are sold with limited registrations only. This means you will agree to have your puppy spayed or neutered at the appropriate age and will not be using the dog for breeding. A deposit will reserve your puppy and your place of pick.  We never guarantee 1st pick to save us the right to keep one of our own pups if we choose. If we cannot meet your need from a litter, your deposit will be returned or transferred to a future litter. Our goal is to place each puppy in the right home.

Puppy adoption includes AKC limited registration papers (still AKC registered, just no breeding or conformation classes) feeding and care instructions, a contract and guarantee, Health Certificate, copies of parent’s pedigrees, copies of parent’s health clearances and training materials, first set of puppy shots, information on puppy raising (potty training, crate training etc.), baby blanket from litter, nutrition information with food for a week, and a lifetime of support!