Service Line

We have a wonderful partnership with the Pawsitive Action Service Dog organization. They have relocated to South Carolina from Florida, but we still continue to work together to produce some amazing service dogs and family pets. We plan the breedings, resulting in some for service and others as family pets to help fund the organization. These beautiful dogs are a combination of our current lines and dating back to our foundation Goldens. These lines have been proven, have incredible dispositions and a great health history. Below you find the dogs that are in the Service breeding program.

P. A. Spinelli At Your Service CGC-“SPIN” is a well put together, sweet girl out of our early foundation dogs and daughter of Calypso and Benny. We love these lines so much that we bred her in to Angus using our frozen storage and now have our Carina that will carry on this line in 2024!

View pedigree here

PADT Gracie at Your Service-“Grace” is out of Calypso and Benny and a full sibling to Spin. She is everything that we breed for when it comes to health, temperament and beauty.

Grace and Aslan daughter Lily in service work- She is proof of what these dogs can do!

PAF Ruby At Your Service-“Ruby” is an example of what this line can produce! Her mom is Luna, full sister to Calypso and her dad is Benny. She is a picture of health, gorgeous, and smart.

PAF Calypso at your Service-“Calypso” is an amazing girl that dates back to our foundation line, all the way back to Sara! She is beautiful, smart and aims to please. Calypso comes from some incredible Service Dogs and has proven herself through her offspring.

P. A. Hope of A Golden Paradise-“Hope” is a beautiful daughter of Kiki and full sibling to Aslan. She is an amazing example of our classy European girls.

Golden Romance Master Of The Hunt-“Hunter” is a wonderful example of a well-balanced Golden, in his looks and his temperament. He is a proven sire and we are so grateful to bring this beautiful boy into our line!