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Happy Fall!

I have not posted for awhile so I wanted to give everyone an update. We are taking a break for the rest of this year and the first half of 2020. We are planning to have 1 litter summer 2020 and one the end of 2020. The second litter may run into the start of 2021. At this point we are planning only to have 2 litters a year. We have our handsome hunk Benny, our beautiful Laly, her sweet daughter Nala and a new young Champion parented girl named Liza coming from Ukraine. Daisy and Reba retired and Aggie and Molly are with wonderful breeder friends of mine to continue their great line. We will take this time off to enjoy some fun time and do some training with the young girls. As always, please see my Facebook page for current updates and activity. Any info on the dogs we have is here on their pages. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Happy Fall to all!!


I wanted to share a very important part of my life that most of you don’t get to see… My beautiful grandkids! They are a great help with puppy socialization 🙂

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